The famous artist from Moscow, who has lived and worked in Riga since 2005. Ilona was born in the family of writers: her father, Sever Gansovski, was the classic fantastic writer, her uncle, Valentin Pikul, – historical novelist. Ilona has graduated from the scenography faculty of V.Surikov Moscow State Academy Art Institute. She has worked with paintings, scenography, book illustrations, and interior design.
As for moral-ethic views, Ilona has been a strict vegan. She has spread ideas of humane treatment of animals and advocated non-violent coexistence with nature, participating in different save the animals benefits.
She was a member of Russian and Latvian Unions of artists.

Highlight of the artist’s biography:

  • Trips to Japan by personal invitation of “Crystal-Art” company. Personal exhibitions in Tokyo and other cities of Japan. Created silk-screen prints of Ilona’s artworks.
  • Exhibition trips to Germany by invitation of famous German representative of nature protecting, collector Graf von Bernsdorf.
  • Ilona has designed stages, costumes, and printworks for about 40 musical and dramatic performances in Russia, Сzhech Republic, Latvia, and Poland.
  • Design cooperation with Moscow book printing agencies.
  • Ilona has been an art director of «Pacific meridian» international film festival of Asian-Pacific countries in Vladivostok six times.